Welcome to our cutting-edge Airline Contract Management System, a robust platform designed to empower travel agencies and corporations in managing ...

Welcome to our cutting-edge Airline Contract Management System, a robust platform designed to empower travel agencies and corporations in managing contracts with all airlines for both GDS and direct NDC content. Explore the power of streamlined airline contract management and elevate your partnerships with our user-centric and feature-rich system.

Elevate your Airline Commission Management

nexusCMT, as a rule engine-driven tool, automatically computes commissions for travel agencies on every PNR or route in accordance with contracts imposed by airlines. The beauty of this tool is that our expert team can seamlessly execute contract loading through the simplified template approach and can onboard the agency without any hassle. This automation not only eliminates manual tasks, boosting efficiency but also optimizes revenue for Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and agencies by presenting them with optimal booking alternatives.

Curious About nexusCMT?
Let's Dive In!

Are you facing issues applying the commission manually for each carrier? Are you facing more challenges and receiving multiple debit memos from the airlines? nexusCMT is a powerful tool to resolve all your hassle and make your life easy from a lot of manual work. The more you know, the better you can understand about CMT. We can tailor the demo to showcase the workflow and efficiency of the product.


Workflow To Load Contracts


Our team will evaluate the contract and determine time required to load all the rules.


Our team will upload all contractual rules. The time to load a contract varies based on the complexity of the contract.


Business Rules are Verified by TMCs/ Agencies before enabling in the production environment.


Automated commission and markup calculations are enabled.

Key Features

User-Friendly Interface

Easy and quick to load/manage contracts in the system.

History Management

Version control for tracking rule changes

Airline Commission Management

Agency and agent-level commission processing facility.

Strategic Decision-Making

Tactical and Regular contracts can be processed together to maximize profits.

Multiple Price

Multiple Price Quotes in a PNR can easily be processed.

Queue Management

Reads the queue to process the PNRs


Both markup and commission can be processed for OBT and TMC.

Alert Management

Alert notification for the agency once the contract is going to expire.

Real-Time Contract Updates

Our team ensures immediate integration of airline contract changes as notified from the client, ensuring that the latest terms and conditions are always reflected in the nexusCMT system.

Performance Analytics

Monitor the performance of each airline contract through intuitive analytics tools.

Multiple Environments

TEST, PRE-PROD & PROD are available to certify the contract and its rules.

GDS and NDC Integration

Three major GDS (Sabre, Amadeus & Apollo/Galileo) and Direct airlines are connected and can be processed together.

Integration with Booking Engine Tool

Integrated to nexusWind - Agent booking tool with GDS and NDC Direct content & nexusKite-Corporate Booking Engine.

Centralized Contract Repository

Access all airline contracts in a centralized repository, facilitating easy navigation and quick reference.

Your Travel Technology Partner

Why Choose nexusCMT?

Increased Productivity

The precision and automation of contract interpretation elevate Travel Management Companies' (TMCs) productivity. Streamlined processes and accurate contract interpretation drive efficiency, fostering increased productivity levels within TMC operations.

Maximize Profits

Precise micro-calculation of commissions is carried out at both the agency and agent levels, taking into account the itinerary and individual segments. This ensures accuracy in commission calculations down to the finest details of travel arrangements.


To expedite the process for agents, the CMT APP executes the contract directly within the agent's GDS terminal. This streamlined approach enhances efficiency and accelerates the overall workflow for the agent.

One Stop Platform

Integrated seamlessly with Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, and the NDC platform, the system aims to optimize profits and ensure consistency across various travel distribution channels.

Our Eco System

The nexusCMT system serves as a centralized solution, intricately linked with the nexusWind tool, facilitating booking and post-booking services for Agencies & Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and nexusKite tool, facilitating booking and post-booking services for corporations. Agents can effortlessly generate reports for transaction analysis on weekly basis using nexusTab. This integrated approach enhances efficiency and provides a comprehensive platform for seamless travel management.

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"Farenexus Group stands as a leading Canadian technology firm, dedicated to revolutionizing businesses with its innovative Digital Solutions. As it takes the lead in NDC market content, our airline contract management tool grants you full access to comprehensive contract management features, streamlined processes, and robust analytics for optimizing airline partnerships and maximizing revenue opportunities."